Load Restraint Bars

Load Restraint Bars

Load Restraint Bars

Titan load restraints (UK) Ltd supplies a wide range of load restraint bars and cargo restraint bars including spring loaded shoring bars, cargo stay bars, steel load bars, E-type decking beams and spring loaded shoring poles. Our load restraint bars and cargo restraint bars are made from strong durable steel with zinc plating in both fixed and spring loaded options for vehicles with fitted with internal tracks. Cargo stays provide an excellent load restraint option for box type vehicles, box trailers and ISO containers with no internal tracks installed.

Load restraint bars also known as cargo restraint bars are high strength and durable for securing and controlling large heavy objects. You should use load restraint bars when transporting loads in vehicles fitted with internal tracks when there is a risk of movement or falling. It is vital to make sure that all bars are secure before you set off as failure to do so could result in damage goods.

One of the most important things to consider is the weight of the load when you’re using a load restraint bar. You’ll need to have a rough idea of how much your cargo weighs and use a suitable type and number of bars. To safely secure a load, the combined working load limit (WLL) of the bar must be greater than the weight of the load itself. It’s always recommended to use multiple bars depending on where the internal tracks are fitted.


Length of Bars

The load restraint bar needs to be long enough to reach from the face of the track on one side of the vehicle or trailer to the face of the track on the opposite side. In addition to our standard length bars we can also supply bespoke made to order length load restraint bars upon request.

Load Restraint Bar/Cargo Restraint Bar Types;

Steel Load Restraint Bar & Cups

Heavy Duty Steel Load Bars and Cups are suitable for vehicles and trailers fitted with internal tracks. Standard length steel restraint bars are 2500mm in length however we can supply bespoke made to order lengths upon request.

Spring Loaded Shoring Bar

Spring loaded restraint bars used in conjunction with internal 25mm hole tracks to ensure continued stability on walls which can flex during transportation. They are available in a range of different lengths and adjustment ranges including; 0.9m-1.3m, 1.3m-1.7m, 1.7m-2.10m, 2.1m-2.53m and 2.50m-.2.90m which can be used vertically floor to ceiling within vehicles and trailers.

Cargo Stay Bar

Cargo Stay Bars are designed for securing loads in box bodied trailers, rigids, vans and ISO containers were no internal track is fitted. Aluminium cargo stays are available in 1.0m to 2.9m lengths and heavy duty steel cargo stays bars in 2.1m to 2.6m. Cargo stay bars with hooped braces provide extra load containment by increasing the surface area against the load.

E-Type Decking Beam

Aluminium double deck or load bar beam for use in E-type universal track. Adjustable 2.40m to 2.67m standard. This versatile bar is designed for doubling decking pallets as well as load containment.