Plastic Pallet Collar (Black)

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Plastic Pallet Collar for Standard Size 1200x1000mm Wooden or Plastic Pallets. Made from Virgin Polypropylene for both Storing Materials and Preventing from Falling off Pallets during Transit.  Interlocking Design helps the Pallet Collar to Clip on easily to a Pallet whilst Folding Mechanism Saves Space when not in use.

  • Overall size: 300mm(h) x 1000mm(w) x 1200mm(d) 
  • Folded size: 115mm(h) x 350mm(w) x 1150mm(d) 
  • Suits standard wooden and plastic pallets 1200mm(w) x 1000mm(d)
  • Colour: Black 
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*Please note pallet not included - illustration purposes only.

Pallet collars offer a range of benefits in various industries and logistics operations. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Versatility: Pallet collars are versatile and can be easily added or removed from pallets, allowing for quick adjustments to accommodate different product sizes and quantities. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  2. Customization: They provide a customizable stacking height, allowing for the efficient use of vertical space in warehouses or during transportation. This adaptability is particularly useful for handling goods of varying dimensions.
  3. Enhanced Protection: Pallet collars act as protective walls around goods on a pallet, providing an additional layer of protection against damage during handling, storage, and transportation. This is especially important for fragile or sensitive items.
  4. Improved Stability: The use of pallet collars enhances the stability of stacked loads. By preventing products from overhanging and securing them within the collar walls, the risk of items falling or shifting during transport is minimized.
  5. Reusable and Sustainable: Pallet collars are typically made of durable materials such as wood or plastic, making them reusable over multiple cycles. This promotes sustainability by reducing the need for disposable packaging and minimizing waste.
  6. Space Optimization: Pallet collars contribute to efficient space utilization, both in storage facilities and during transportation. When not in use, the collars can be folded flat, saving valuable storage space.
  7. Improved Handling: They simplify the handling of goods by creating a contained and organized unit on the pallet. This not only streamlines loading and unloading processes but also makes it easier to manage inventory.
  8. Quick Assembly: Pallet collars are designed for easy and quick assembly, allowing for swift conversion of a standard pallet into a container with sides. This saves time in the packing process and increases overall operational efficiency.
  9. Cost-Effective: Compared to other packaging solutions, pallet collars can be a cost-effective option. Their reusability and ability to adapt to different load sizes contribute to overall cost savings in the long run.
  10. Compliance with Regulations: In certain industries, the use of pallet collars can help meet regulatory requirements for the secure and safe transportation of goods. This can be especially important in industries with specific packaging and handling standards.

In summary, pallet collars offer a practical and efficient solution for optimizing logistics and packaging processes, providing a range of benefits that contribute to improved productivity, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

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