4 Sided Platform Truck Ply Panels 500kg Capacity

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Introducing our heavy-duty 4 Sided Platform Truck with Ply Panels, your ultimate solution for efficient and secure material transport in industrial settings. Engineered for durability and reliability, this platform truck is designed to withstand the demands of heavy-duty usage while ensuring the safety of your cargo.

Key Features:

1. Robust Construction: Built to last, this platform truck is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. The sturdy ply panels provide reliable support for your cargo, making it ideal for transporting heavy loads with ease.

2. Secure Enclosure: With four solid ply panels surrounding the platform, this truck offers a secure enclosure for your cargo, preventing items from shifting or falling during transport. The enclosed design also provides added protection against dust, debris, and inclement weather, keeping your goods safe and secure at all times.

3. Impressive Capacity: Boasting a generous weight capacity of 500kg, this platform truck can handle heavy loads with ease, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you're moving equipment, supplies, or inventory, you can trust this truck to deliver exceptional performance every time.

4. Smooth Maneuverability: Equipped with smooth-rolling casters, this platform truck offers effortless maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight spaces and crowded aisles with ease. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable operation, reducing strain on your operators and enhancing productivity.

5. Versatile Design: From warehouses to factories to distribution centers, this platform truck is versatile enough to meet the needs of any industrial environment. Whether you're loading and unloading trucks, stocking shelves, or moving materials across the facility, this truck is up to the task.

6. Easy Assembly: Designed for quick and easy assembly, this platform truck can be put together in no time, allowing you to start using it right away. With simple instructions and minimal tools required, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency and productivity without delay.


Heavy Duty 4 Sided Platform Truck with Plywood Panels and 500kg Capacity. Highly manoeuvrable, turns almost within own length via two swivel and two fixed castors. All steel welded frame and substantial plywood platform deck L1000xW600(mm).


Platform Truck Dimensions:

Wheels: 160mm diameter

Deck height: 235mm

Overall width: 625mm

Overall height: 985mm

Overall length: 1145mm


Technical Specifications

Deck Size (mm)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Max Load Capacity (kg)


Bespoke Made to Order 

 1 to 2 Weeks

Tyre Type


Weight (kg)


Wheel Diameter (mm)



FREE Delivery (Ex NI, Highlands & Islands) Est Lead Time 1 to 2 Weeks.

4 sided platform truck with plywood panels has handles at both ends to allow the user to push/pull the truck in either direction and is highly manoeuvrable via two swivel and two fixed castors. TC604P has a steel welded frame and substantial 500kg capacity plywood platform deck.


Extremely useful for both moving goods, order picking and form a valuable part of any moving and handling warehouse operation.

Upgrade your material handling capabilities with our 4 Sided Platform Truck with Ply Panels. Durable, reliable, and built to perform, it's the perfect solution for all your transportation needs.

Product Code: TC604P

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