Platform Truck Single End Mesh

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Heavy Duty Platform Truck Single End Mesh 500kg Capacity. Highly manoeuvrable, turns almost within own length via two swivel and two fixed castors. All steel welded frame and substantial timber platform deck L1000xW600(mm).


Platform Truck Dimensions:

Wheels: 160mm diameter

Deck height: 235mm

Overall width: 625mm

Overall height: 985mm

Overall length: 1085mm


Technical Specifications

Deck Size (mm)


Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Max Load Capacity (kg)



Blue epoxy

Tyre Type


Weight (kg)


Wheel Diameter (mm)




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Other size options available please see ‘platform trucks single end’ sub-category on the left hand side of this page.


Platform trucks with single mesh end are an essential part of any warehouse and logistics strategy, as well as being a flexible and economical means of transporting multiple items. They have a wide range of uses across all types of industries, especially in warehouse, retail or indeed any industry where large volumes of goods need to be moved and stored on a regular basis.


Titan Platform trucks form a valuable part of any moving and handling strategy.

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