Wire Mesh Cage Pallet Stillage (Collapsible)

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Wire Mesh Cage Pallet Stillage (UC775P)

Collapsible wire mesh cage pallet stillage with four mesh sides, sheet steel base and removable half drop gate on long side. Stackable when in use and collapsible for compact storage when not in use.

Overall size:        1005mm(h) x 1150mm(w) x 975mm(d)

Internal height:     800mm

Folded height:      300mm

Load capacity:     750kg

Stackable             4 high

Weight:                62.5kg

Shipping              FREE UK Delivery (Excluding NI, Highlands & Islands - Please Contact Us)

Our collapsible wire mesh cage pallet stillage also known as collapsible metal stillage or collapsible pallet cage stillage have a load capacity of 750kg and comes with FREE UK delivery. Fully stackable up to 4 x high to enable you to maximise your storage space. Our collapsible cage stillage can be dismantled when not in use providing an excellent storage solution option. Robust wire formed construction with epoxy powder paint finish helps increase the working life of the cage by preventing rust and corrosion.

There are times when it is necessary to store several large items all at once and when doing so, you need to be sure you are protecting both goods and people. Trying to store too many loose items can make them unsafe and difficult to manoeuvre, however using one of our specifically designed cage pallet stillages can help make this process easier and safer.

Titan cage pallet stillages come with a half drop gate on the front for easy access to products and goods. A 750kg load capacity and the ability to stack up to 4 cage stillages on top of each other allows you to significantly increase your storage space making them an ideal space saving option within warehouse, retail, transport and logistics environments.

wire mesh cage pallet stillages are sturdy and durable. They are designed to take knocks and bumps in commercial environments, while protecting the goods kept inside. They are made from heavy-duty steel meaning they won’t bend or crack. 

If you are looking to store multiple items and maximise your available storage space then a cage pallet stillage could be the storage system you’ve been looking for.  

For further information regarding any of our cage pallet stillages or if the item is currently out of stock but you would like to pre order please do not hesitate to email us at; sales@titanloadrestraints.co.uk

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