Standard Hypacage D1000xW1200xH1000mm

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15.HC3 Wire Mesh Hypacage

Standard hypacage with half drop gate on one long dimension. Mesh size 65 x 120mm. Stackable up to 4 high. Height of 280mm when collapsed. Bright zinc plate finish.

Base Size                            1000 x 1200mm

Overall Height                   1000mm

Internal Height                  850mm

Load Capacity kg               600kg

Unit Weight                        51kg

Finish                                  Bright Zinc Plate

Stackability                         4 High

Mesh Size                           65 x 120mm

Folded Dimensions          1000 x 1200 x 280mm

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There are times when it is necessary to store several large items all at once and when doing so, you need to be sure you are protecting both goods and people. Trying to store too many loose items can make them unsafe and difficult to manoeuvre, however using one of our specifically designed hypacages with 600kg capacity can help make this process easier and safer.

This standard size hypacage has a 600kg capacity with a half drop gate on the front for easy access and can be fitted with a top lid making it fully enclosed. Fully stackable up to 4 cages high allows you to significantly increase your storage space. It can also be easily collapsed for storage when not in use making it an ideal space saving option within warehouse, retail, transport and logistics environments.

Hypacages are sturdy and durable. They are designed to take knocks and bumps in commercial environments, while protecting the goods kept inside. They are made from heavy-duty materials meaning they won’t bend or crack and bright zinc plating will help prevent rust and increase the working life of the cage.

If you are looking to store multiple items and maximise your available storage space then hypacage 600kg capacity could be the storage system you’ve been looking for.

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