5000kg Ratchet Strap D Rings 6Metres

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5000kg Ratchet Strap D Rings - 6 Metres

Minimum Breaking Force 5000daN(kg)

Lashing Capacity (LC) 2500daN(kg)

50mm Wide Polyester Webbing

Colour: Blue

Manufacturing Standard EN12195-2 2001


Other lengths available

*Made to order product 3-5 days lead time before dispatch. Larger orders may take longer to manufacture please contact us.

Our 6metre d ring ratchet straps, also known as d ring tie down straps, d ring cargo straps, d ring lorry straps or d ring lashing straps, are designed for securing items during transportation and storage using dedicated hooks or fixing points. 50mm wide webbing and rated break force of 5000kg.You should use d ring ratchet straps when transporting loads or securing general cargo when there is a risk of movement. It is vital to make sure that any straps you’re using are secure before you set off. Failure to do so could result in damage or danger to persons or property.

Length of straps

Straps need to be long enough to reach from tie down point to tie down point or to at least safely secure a load to a suitable fixing. If the ratchet straps are too short they will not offer a secure fixing. Any excess strap must be securely fastened to stop it coming loose and flapping during transit.

Weight capacity of straps

One of the most important things to consider is the weight of the load you’re strapping down. You need to have a rough idea of how much your cargo weighs and use a suitable type and number of d ring straps to secure it. The safe working load limit, or WLL, will be clearly identified on the strap. To safely secure a load, the combined WLL must be greater than the weight of the load itself. It’s always recommended to use d ring ratchet straps in pairs.

We also supply protective accessories to help protect your load including plastic corner protectors and heavy duty wear sleeves to protect the ratchet strap webbing.

For bespoke d ring ratchet straps please email us your requirements at; sales@titanloadrestraints.co.uk

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