Full Security Roll Container Nestable - Standard Mesh

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Full Security Roll Container Nestable 'A' Frame - Standard Mesh with 600kg load capacity

Fold and nest for storage when not in use

50mm Mesh infill to sides and lid - rod infill to base

Reinforced design nestable 'A' frame units

Two fixed and two swivel 125mm diameter nylon castors

Bright zinc plate finish

Integral shelf set 970mm from the base


Overall Height: 1690mm

Internal Height: 1425mm

Base Size: 735x850mm

Load Capacity: 600KG

Caster Diameter: 125mm

Side Options: Full Security

Unit Weight: 59kg

Delivery 3-5 Working Days

Full Security Roll Container 19.A110

There are times when it is necessary to move several large items all at once and when doing so, you need to be sure you are protecting both goods and people. Trying to lift too many large items can put an undue strain on the back and can be difficult to manage. Items can fall or get caught in transfer causing a safety risk. Our full security roll containers also known as full security roll cages are designed to make this transfer and storage of multiple items easier and more secure .

Full security roll containers are fully enclosed with high wire sides and lid. This means you can transport and store large numbers of large items at the same time with increased security of the products inside which can be easily locked away. Fitted with multi directional castors this allows the operator to rotate and turn even in tight spaces such as a warehouse or shop floors. The range of movement also means you have a high level of control over what you’re doing and you don’t need to exert yourself when pushing or pulling the cage.

Full security roll containers are ideal for use in retail, hospital, hotel, laundry and warehouse environments were large amounts of products need to be moved and stored safely and securely by members of staff.

Designed for industrial environments our full security roll containers are sturdy and durable able to take knocks and bumps, while protecting the goods kept inside. They are made from lightweight but heavy-duty materials meaning they won’t bend or crack and will last for years.

Full security jumbo roll containers also available - please see: https://www.titanloadrestraints.co.uk/roll-containers-cages/full-security-roll-containers

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