5000kg Ratchet Strap Claw Hooks 6Metres

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Introducing our high-performance 5000kg Ratchet Strap with Claw Hook and a 6-metre length, manufactured EN12195-2 2001 standards. This heavy-duty strap is designed for exceptional strength and reliability, boasting an impressive Break Force of 5000daN(kg) and a Lashing Capacity (LC) of 2500daN(kg).

  • 5000kg Ratchet Strap Claw Hook 6 Metre
  • Minimum Breaking Force 5000daN(kg)
  • Lashing Capacity (LC) 2500daN(kg)
  • 50mm Wide Polyester Webbing
  • Colour: Blue
  • Manufacturing Standard EN12195-2 2001
  • 6 Metre Overall Length

Key Features:

Impressive Capacity: With a remarkable 5000kg (5-tonne) capacity, this ratchet strap is your trusted partner for securing substantial and valuable cargo. Its sturdy construction ensures a safe and dependable grip.

EN12195-2 2001 Compliant: This ratchet strap is manufactured to meet the rigorous standards EN12195-2 2001, ensuring it adheres to the highest industry safety and performance requirements.

6-Metre Length: The 6-metre length offers flexibility when securing various-sized loads, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you're transporting equipment, machinery, or materials, this strap has you covered.


Unparalleled Strength: Our 5000kg Ratchet Strap ensures the secure transportation of your heaviest loads, reducing the risk of accidents or damage during transit.

Industry-Standard Compliance: Meeting EN12195-2 2001 standards signifies our commitment to safety and quality, guaranteeing the reliability of this ratchet strap for your cargo securing needs.

Versatile Application: From industrial to construction and recreational cargo, this ratchet strap offers adaptability and strength, making it an essential tool for a wide range of uses.

Efficiency and Ease: The integrated ratchet mechanism simplifies the securing process, saving you time and effort. 

Durability Guaranteed: Built from premium materials, our ratchet strap is designed to withstand tough conditions, ensuring it remains a dependable tool for your load restraint needs over time.


The 5000kg ratchet strap serves a multitude of purposes across various industries and applications. Primarily utilised in transportation and logistics, these heavy-duty straps are indispensable for securing large loads on trucks, trailers, and flatbeds during transit. Additionally, they find extensive use in the construction sector for anchoring scaffolding, securing building materials, and stabilising heavy equipment. In agricultural settings, they help fasten machinery and secure hay bales or livestock feed during transport. Beyond industrial uses, 5000kg ratchet straps are handy for personal endeavours such as securing furniture during moves, securing recreational equipment like boats or ATVs on trailers, and even in DIY projects for securing large objects during construction or renovation. Their robust design and high weight capacity make them an essential tool for ensuring safety and stability in a wide range of tasks.

Trust in the strength, reliability, and safety of our 5000kg Ratchet Strap with Claw Hook. It's the ideal solution for transporting valuable cargo securely and efficiently. Order yours today and experience the difference in cargo securing that meets and exceeds industry standards.

5000kg Ratchet Straps: User Guidance

When it comes to securing heavy loads, ratchet straps are indispensable tools. Among the various specifications and ratings, understanding the break force and lashing capacity of 5000kg ratchet straps is crucial for ensuring safety and efficiency in load management. This blog delves into what these terms mean and how they affect the use of ratchet straps in practical applications.

Break Force: The Ultimate Strength

Break force refers to the maximum force that a ratchet strap can withstand before it breaks. For a 5000kg ratchet strap, the break force is 5000daN (Kg). This rating indicates the strap's ability to handle heavy loads and provides a margin of safety for securing cargo.

When assessing break force, it's important to note that this is the absolute maximum force the strap can endure before failure. In practice, you should never load a strap to its break force limit. Instead, it's a benchmark for the strap's overall strength and durability.

Lashing Capacity: The Safe Working Load

Lashing capacity, often referred to as the working load limit (WLL), is the maximum load that a ratchet strap is designed to safely handle during regular use. For 5000kg ratchet straps, the lashing capacity is typically half of the break force. This means a 5000kg ratchet strap would have a lashing capacity of 2500daN (kg).

The lashing capacity ensures that the strap can be used safely without risking damage to the strap or the cargo. It accounts for dynamic forces and potential shifts in the load during transport, providing a safety margin to prevent accidents and ensure securement.

What Does daN Mean?

A dekanewton (daN) is a unit of force in the International System of Units (SI), where "deka" means ten. Therefore, one dekanewton is equal to ten newtons. In practical terms:

  • 1 daN = 10 N

The newton (N) is the SI unit of force, defined as the amount of force required to accelerate a one-kilogram mass by one meter per second squared (1 N = 1 kg·m/s²). Consequently, a dekanewton represents the force needed to accelerate a ten-kilogram mass by one meter per second squared.

In the context of ratchet straps and other load-securing equipment, dekanewtons are often used to express the force ratings, such as break force and lashing capacity, to provide a clearer understanding of the strength and capability of these tools.


Importance of Understanding These Ratings

Understanding the break force and lashing capacity of ratchet straps is vital for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Using straps within their rated lashing capacity prevents overloading, reducing the risk of strap failure and subsequent cargo accidents.
  2. Compliance: Adhering to these ratings ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards set by transportation authorities.
  3. Efficiency: Properly rated straps optimize load securement, reducing the need for additional restraints and streamlining the loading process.

Practical Applications

When using 5000kg ratchet straps, consider the following practical tips:

  • Load Assessment: Always calculate the total weight of your load and ensure it doesn't exceed the combined lashing capacity of all straps used.
  • Distribution: Distribute the load evenly and use multiple straps if necessary to balance the weight.
  • Inspection: Regularly inspect straps for wear and tear. Damaged straps should be replaced immediately to maintain safety standards.
  • Proper Use: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for securing and releasing the straps to prevent misuse and potential damage.


5000kg ratchet straps are powerful tools for securing heavy loads, but understanding their break force and lashing capacity is essential for safe and effective use. By recognizing these ratings and adhering to their guidelines, you can ensure that your cargo remains secure during transport, protecting both the load and those involved in its handling. Whether you're a professional in logistics or someone handling heavy-duty transportation occasionally, this knowledge is key to mastering the art of load securement.

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