Why you need a cargo stay bar
05 Feb

Why you need a cargo stay bar

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If you’ve ever received complaints from customers that goods or packages have turned up damaged during transport, then you’ll know exactly why you need a cargo stay bar.

The most common cause for goods being damaged in transit is poor loading. This means that items move around and get damaged, leading to unhappy customers and more headaches for you.


If not correctly secured, loads of all shapes and sizes can move around on the road. Even pallets can be susceptible to sudden shifts, tight corners or sudden stops. This can cause collisions within the vehicle that lead to damaged goods and lost revenue. When trucks or trailers have empty spaces, this movement can be even more pronounced and even full lorries will empty out during the day. Which is where having a cargo bar comes in very handy. It braces against the walls of the truck or van to create a secure barrier that stops loads moving.


Cargo stay bars are very easy to use and install. Simply place the bar between the two walls of the truck or from the floor to the ceiling, depending on the load type, and it can secure loads of all shapes and sizes. Most bar designs feature steel tubes that can be extended and rubber feet at each end to both secure the bar and prevent damage. The bars are extended using a ratchet device that allows users to adjust length and lock the bar at the desired length. A cargo stay bar with hooped braces is extremely useful to increase the surface area against the load.


There are several main designs that are all safe and easy to use which provide operators with a useful load restraint system. Bars are designed to compensate for the flexing of van walls so that they maintain contact with the walls or surfaces even in the worst kinds of road conditions. And easy push button designs make the bars easy to remove when it’s time to make the next unload.


So, if you’ve been looking for a way to prevent loads moving or you’re losing profit due to excessive claims against damaged goods, then this simple design could be exactly what you need. Cargo stay bars are flexible and versatile and can be used in all sorts of load environments. And when used in combination with other ratchet straps, they form one of the safest and securest ways of transporting any load.


Durable and long lasting, make a small investment in your load securing strategy and you could end up saving a small fortune over time. Great design is always simple, and the cargo stay bar definitely ticks all the above boxes. To find out more about these or any of the other Titan Load Restraints products, get in touch with a member of our team.