Everything you need to know about pallet cages and how they can transform the workplace
08 Nov

Everything you need to know about pallet cages and how they can transform the workplace

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If you run a business that uses a warehouse, workshop or distribution centre then pallet cages might be able to both save you money and prevent stock damage over time. In short, they could revolutionise the way you work with stock.



But just what are pallet cages and how could they transform your workplace?


Pallet cages are metal storage containers that have a cage-like structure suitable for use with both wooden and plastic pallets. The design is incredibly strong and durable, so they can accommodate a huge amount of weight and material. They are easily manoeuvred using a pallet truck or forklift, and are stackable too for ease of storage. This means you can store large volumes of goods in well-protected cages and in an organised and secure manner. This will help you to reduce stock loss through damage and dropped goods.


There are also a number of other key benefits. These include the fact that all your goods are stored in an easily accessible way. As most businesses with a warehouse understand, space is almost always at a premium. So, you need storage solutions that can stack and don’t take up too much space when not in use. Pallet cages are often collapsible, which means they can be neatly stored away when they’re not needed. They can also be stacked four high safely, which helps to save much needed floor space.


Using pallet cages in your warehouse or storage unit could be a great way to clear up your space, organise stock and protect your goods from damage. Get goods up and off the floor, in rigid and hard-wearing cages that are easy to move and stack.


You also can’t emphasise the safety aspect too much when working in a warehouse space. When heavy goods are stacked, they can become a hazard. Over time goods can become dislodged, slip or fall from high spaces. But with the enclosed and lockable sides of a pallet cage, this can’t happen. Goods and heavy objects are securely stored, even at height. And because of the way pallet cages are designed, they stack easily and securely, so there is no danger of a stack falling or toppling over.


So, if you are looking for warehouse storage solutions that are strong and durable, stackable and safe, then pallet cages could be about to transform the way you work. Reduce the amount of stock loss through damage, save money and get more than a return your investment over time. Discover storage solutions that work for you, saving space, money and time for a more efficient and streamlined distribution process. Secure your workspace, protect your employees and site visitors, and simply fold up the pallet cages and store neatly when not in use. Pallet cages really are the way forward for warehouses.